Forms, Fees, and Fun!

Happy Wednesday! It is the 4th week of the school year, and things are going smoothly. There are a few things coming up for students and for parents. Read through below to find forms, where to pay fees, and the fun event coming up for students!

Students should take care of these things:

  1. Poinsettia Sales are happening! Go to our choir website and the tab for Forms contains the poinsettia form and info! You can also click here for the form. (Links to an external site.)
  2. Cougar Revue Auditions! Do you like to sing solos? We will be having a Virtual Cougar Revue through Zoom this year. Click here to read the information about when and what (Links to an external site.).
  3. Join Choir Council! Click here to fill out the Google form to join the choir council. (Links to an external site.) Be sure you read the requirements. The main one is a meeting on the first Thursday every month at 3pm. If you want to be involved in making decisions and helping shape the community of the choir program, join us!

Parents should take care of these things:

  1. The choir course fee is due! The course fee can be paid on (Links to an external site.) Click on High Schools > Cinco Ranch High School > CRHS Fine Art Course Fees 2020-2021 > CRHS Course Fee – Choir and pay the $15. This is for things like school busses, paper, binders, etc.
  2. The choir activity fee is due! The activity fee can be paid on (Links to an external site.). From the drop down menu under the Pay tab along the top at the right, you can choose to pay online or by printing a form and bringing it with a check of $35 to school.This is for the choir t-shirt, choir music, tracks, events, etc. 

Please email or with any questions or concerns.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!